Auspicious time today mumbai


auspicious time today mumbai

Planetary Movements. Based on Indian astrology, the Choghadiya Todayis used to determine the most auspicious times in a day. To find din ka Choghadiyaa Choghadiya table is consulted to check the Shubh Muhurat before starting new work.

Amrit, Shubh, Labh and Char are the four most popular Choghadiyas. Inauspicious Choghadiya Udveg, Kaal and Rog, should be avoided while deciding the muhurat for auspicious work. Kaal Kaal Vela. Shubh Vaar Vela. Auspicious work is absolutely prohibited in the Rahu Kaal. See today's Rahu period, the right time of the beginning and the end, and the ways to avoid it.

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The term Choghadiya is a combination of two words — Cho, i. Each Ghadi, as per Hindu time, is equivalent to 24 minutes. There are 30 Ghadis from sunrise to sunset which is divided by 8.

A Choghadiya is equivalent to 4 Ghadis approximately 96 minutes. So, one Choghadiya lasts for about 1. Whether a Choghadiya is auspicious or inauspicious is determined by the influence of the planet on it at that particular time. If the planet is malefic, it is a bad Choghadiya and if the planet is beneficial, it is a good Choghadiya. It also depends on the day of the week, as the first Choghadiya of the day is associated with the ruling planet or deity of the day.

So, the first and last Muhurat of the day are influenced by the Lord planet of the weekday and then followed by the rest of the planets. Amrit Choghadiya is the time under the influence of Moon.

Moon is considered a beneficial planet in Hindu Vedic Astrology. So, Amrit Choghadiya is regarded as a highly auspicious time in Hindu Astrology.

auspicious time today mumbai

This time is considered beneficial for all types of occasions or work. Shubh Choghadiya is the time under the influence of Jupiter. Shubh Choghadiya is often taken into account for all auspicious occasions, especially for determining marriage dates and conducting marriage ceremonies.

auspicious time today mumbai

Labh is a Choghadiya time under the influence of Mercury. Mercury is regarded as a beneficial planet, thus the duration under its influence is considered auspicious. It is an auspicious time but is an exceptionally fruitful time if one wants to start any new learning or acquire new skills or start an education or a course.Do you want to know the favorable muhurat for the wedding?

Or during what time a religious activity must be performed? Choghadiya reveals it all using astrological calculations and analysis. In a day, difference between sunrise to sunset is called Day Choghadiya, and from sunset to next sunrise is Night Choghadiya.

A significant part of Hindu Calendar, one can get Choghadiya muhurat on a daily basis and find numerous time periods within a single day. Choghadiya can be further divided into 7 basic parts:. Toggle navigation. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Home Muhurat Choghadiya. Yesterday Choghadiya Tomorrow Choghadiya. Choghadiya for other cities. Choghadiya can be further divided into 7 basic parts: Udveg: Muhurat under Udveg is said to be inauspicious. Try to avoid initiating any religious task or project during this time.

Chal: Muhurat under Chal is said to be a little more auspicious. One can certainly start any work, journey or religious activity within this period. Labh: Muhurat under Labh is said to be auspicious. Amrut: Muhurat under Amrut is said to be auspicious.

Kaal: Muhurat under Kaal is said to be inauspicious. Shobh: Muhurat under Shobh is said to be auspicious. Rog: Muhurat under Rog is said to be inauspicious.Icons Facebook Pages. Useful Tips on Panchang. Abhijit Muhurat On 16 th. Abhijit Muhurat Time to Abhijit Muhurat is auspicious time during midday which approximately lasts for 48 minutes.

Abhijit Muhurat is capable of destroying innumerable Doshas and it is considered one of the best Muhurats to start all sort of auspicious works. Abhijit Muhurat is a powerful election and can be chosen for day-to-day life activities without going into intricacies of finding a suitable Muhurat for the day. Abhijit Muhurat is the 8 th Muhurat out of 15 Muhurats which prevail between the sunrise and the sunset.

The time interval between the sunrise and the sunset is divided into 15 equal parts and the middle portion of fifteen parts is known as Abhijit Muhurat. If the sunrise occurs at 6 a. In other words Abhijit Muhurat for such a location would be between a. Due to seasonal change of sunrise and sunset timings, the exact time and duration of Abhijit Muhurat is not fixed. Muhurat is also spelled as Muhurta and muhurtham.

The counter part of Abhijit Muhurat is Nishita Kaal which prevails during midnight. It should be noted that Abhijit Muhurat is not suitable on Wednesday as it forms a malefic Muhurta on this weekday. Abhijit Muhurat is also not suitable for Manglik activities like marriage and Upanayana ceremonies. Search Drik Panchang. Drik Panchang and the Panditji Logo are registered trademarks of drikpanchang.

Follow drikpanchang. Drik Panchang. Search for city:. Abhijit Muhurat local timings for Ujjain, India.Coronavirus: stay at home Leave your home if it's necessary.

Choghadiya is a muhurat or auspicious time in Astrology. It is used to perform any auspicious task in Hinduism. People do see Muhurat before commencing any Puja or auspicious work. You need to check atleast Choghadiya in order to perform any auspicious work if you do not wish to see proper Muhurat. It is used mostly in western states of India.

It is used especially in purchase and sale of assets. Chogadia Muhurat depends on the sunrise time. Hence, we usually find the difference in this time for every region or city. You can easily find it in Hindu Panchang Calendar.

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Check choghadiya today to know about auspicious muhurata for today in your city. In Hindu Calendarit is basically a system of evaluating good and bad moments. It can also be understood by the means of astrology, which shows the celestial condition for 24 hours of any day depending on stellar and vedic astrology. Let's suppose if you wish to commence any good and auspicious work, it will be good to use choghadiya muhurat for the same. A day contains 24 hours and is divided into 16 parts in Chaughadiya.

Eight muhurats belong to day and eight muhurats for night. Each Muhurat is divided into equal time intervals i. There are basically Muhurats in every week including days and nights. You must have the knowledge of Muhurta while worshiping during day and night times.

Chaughadiya Muhurat is important when going on a certain journey or carrying out special and auspicious work. It is believed that if any auspicious work is performed during auspicious time frame, it gets better results.The Chogadia system divides the day into auspicious and inauspicious units. It is considered lucky to start any new thing in the auspicious time and the unlucky Chogadia are generally to be avoided for doing important work.

Jyotish says that the unlucky Chogadias should be rejected for starting any new project or a journey.

auspicious time today mumbai

The Chogadia is very popular in Gujarat. The Chogadia may change from city to city depending on sunrise so please make sure you are filling in the details of your city to get the correct Chogadia time.

Chogadia For 16 April, Choose another date Date Date. Daily Chogadia. What is Chogadia? Education - Next 12 Months. Your Lucky Gemstones. Discuss With Our Astrologers.

Marriage Compatibility. Finances - Next 12 Months. Career - Next 12 Months. Your Kid's Horoscope. Yogas in Janmkundali. Fortune - Next 12 Months.

Lal Kitab Yearly Horoscope. Yearly Analysis Varshaphala. Ask A Question Prashna. Health - Next 12 Months. Saturn Sadesati For Life.

Numerology Life Analysis. Married Life - Next 12 Months. Kalsarpa Yoga Analysis.Hours which are past midnight are suffixed with next day date. In Panchang day starts and ends with sunrise. Usually people consult Panditji to find a good Muhurta and Panditji after consulting Panchang gives a nice Muhurta. Many times, due to various reasons, it is not possible to consult a Pandit.

Hence Jyotish Shastra has created Hora Chakra to find auspicious and inauspicious timings for a day. Hora cycle makes it easy for an individual to choose a good Muhurta without consulting a Pandit. In Vedic time keeping, it is the duration from one sunrise to next sunrise. Hence Hora word has been derived after removing first and last alphabet of A Hora t. It is interesting to know that in Spanish Hora means time. There are 7 different Hora and total 24 Hora in a day. All seven Hora are cyclic and rotate in a constant fixed cycle throughout day and night.

It is also known as Surya Hora. It is first Hora on Raviwar or Sunday. Surya Hora is energetic, vigorous, dynamic and powerful. Hence it is good for political work, court related dealings, meeting politicians and government officials, submitting tender, handing over or taking responsibility and joining government job.

Manik is adorned to appease and to get blessing of Lord Surya. It is also known as Shukra Hora. It is first Hora on Shukrawar or Friday. Shukra hora is beneficial, aesthetic and uniting. Hence it is recommended for love, romance, marriage and mating activities.

Recreational activities like music, art and dance are also recommended during Hora of Venus. Venus Hora is positively more effective on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and it is less effective on Sunday.

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Opal is adorned to appease Lord Shukra. It is also known as Budha Hora. It is first Hora on Budhawar or Wednesday. Mercury Hora is quick, changeable and unstable. Hence it is recommended for education, learning new skills, changing place, finalizing written agreement and travel related activities. It is auspicious Hora for media and publishing industry. Mercury Hora is positively more effective on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and it is less effective on Tuesday.Planetary Movements.

Muhurat time is considered auspicious as it outlines the best period for taking up the important work and invokes the blessings of benign planets for its successful completion. When work is taken up according to proper muhurat, hurdles can be crossed with ease and work goes on smoothly.

Time has the potential to make an individual strong and weak at the same time. If utilized well, it can take a native to zenith of prosperity and success. It is, therefore, always worthwhile to consider a good muhurta before starting any new venture. Check out the auspicious time during day here: Subha hora. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Learn more. Ask Now. Ask An Astrologer Tarot. Forgot your Password?

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