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Throughout the s, this air rifle became a favorite of target shooters all over the world and helped them win record-breaking results wherever shooting matches were held. Inon the heels of its successful line of air rifles, Feinwerkbau introduced a series of air pistols that won similar international acclaim. Over the years, Feinwerkbau has expanded its production line to include a variety of high-precision, competition-grade air rifles, air pistols and small-caliber firearms.

It also still manufactures precision parts for other companies which, Feinwerkbau reports, helps keeps its people on their toes. Shop by Product Type. Air guns. Pellet Guns.

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But, the establishment of the German Shooting Union inhelped lead to the company developing its first competition air rifle. It featured a sidelever cocking mechanism, fixed barrel and patented recoilless action. Product Details Item comes in various specifications. Check product details to select what is best for you. Special Order Limited Quantities. Check product details for delivery time. Feinwerkbau Meter Air Rifle. Feinwerkbau Rear Sight Assembly, 11mm Dovetail.

Add to Cart. Feinwerkbau Evolution Air Rifle. Feinwerkbau Universal Air Rifle. Feinwerkbau Junior Air Rifle. Feinwerkbau P75 Air Rifle Mag, 5rds.

P8X Silver Air Cylinder, Piston Seal for Feinwerkbau Sport. Pivot Screw M4x FWB Bottom Breech seal. FWB series pawl. Cocking Lever for Series Rifles. Cocking linkage for FWB series. Refurbished Replacement Air Reservoir, Fits Feinwerkbau Basic Air Rifle. Feinwerkbau P75 Biathlon Air Rifle.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. View as :. Kiehberg Wettkampf Gold.

RWS Geco Diabolo. Air Rifle Target Paper Set of Air Pistol Target Paper Set of Special Price Regular Price: JSB Exact Monster. RWS Training. RWS Club. RWS Diabolo Basic 0. RWS Meisterkugeln 0. RWS Superpoint Extra. Diana Air Rifle Main Spring. Kiehberg Copperhead Precision. Ballistol oil 50 ml. Steyr Pressure Spring. O-Ring 4x1. Ballistol spray ml. Ballistol Vaseline gun grease, - 50 GMS. RWS Supermag. Ballistol Spray ml.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

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Air pistols are an alternative to regular pistols for younger shooters and those wanting to improve their shooting skills. These guns use compressed air to project a pellet rather than an explosive like true firearms. They tend to be easier to handle and quieter than regular pistols. They are also not as strictly regulated as firearms, because they are not as powerful. However, air pistols can be dangerous. They should be used with caution and parental supervision.

Air pistols are popular for target shooting. Some are low key, and shoot plastic or metal BBs. Others are rifled and designed to use a pellet. Experienced shooters may find that certain air pistols particularly those that use a pellet can be an inexpensive alternative for target practice. Air pistols are a great tool for improving marksmanship and accuracy.

Pellets, and the BBs some air pistols can fire, are very inexpensive. The guns are also quieter and easier to handle than most firearms. When used properly, they can also be safer. Before you buy, we have put together a shopping guide to help you consider the pros, cons, main considerations and variations of air pistols. Read through it to help understand your needs and review our information about laws and safety precautionsthen check out our top picks.

There are two main considerations when you are purchasing an air pistol. The first is the power of air pistol you are purchasing. The second is the type of ammunition it can take. Those at all levels will come in styles that look very similar to real guns. The amount of power an air pistol can offer is called muzzle energy. The manufacturer will list this information in feet per second fps under their product information. The higher the fps, the more powerful the gun.

A top quality air pistol may be able to offer fps of to Mid-range quality pistols will come in between to The least powerful, and least expensive, will have a fps between to As a frame of reference, the old style Red Ryder BB guns have an fps of about The least powerful air pistols are sometimes referred to as air-soft guns.

They will shoot plastic balls or sometimes metal BBs rather than pellets. They will have the lowest levels of muzzle- energy. These guns virtually all come with an orange cap on the end to differentiate them from their more powerful counterparts. The shot on these guns will not be very accurate. Rifling is a series of grooves inside the barrel, which spins the pellet and gives you a more accurate shot. These styles of guns will shoot a pellet rather than a BB.

Unless rated for a BB, you should not shoot a BB through these guns, it can ruin the barreling and make the gun less accurate. A smooth bore barrel does not have the grooves. This is the kind you will find in most of the lower end air pistols.Have no idea about actual FPS. With my glaucoma I have difficulty shooting with iron sights.

Yes, and they shoot electronically guided. Anyways, nice bouddha! These match pistols made for the meter air pistol discipline shoot at around 5. Extremely accurate too! LOL jonnes you really DO know everything about guns and ammo! I do know everything about those. Those effing things hurt like a mother when they hit you in the furry brown bahookie!

FWB 65 Strip down

I broke mine dropping it on the floor bouncing back from a concrete brick. Thanks, jonnes…and I meant to say FWB rather than the two cocking lever Watching too many shooting videos! I also have the Beeman version of the Diana 6M that should be here this weekend refurbed by a friend in WA. Diana Model 6 and 10 are also great pistols. Looking forward to the pics!

Looks great bouddha. Would like to own one myself and compare trigger to the model 65 and Congrats on the new addition to your collection. First up is my target from this morning, FWB 90 at 33 feet….

If I remember correctly, the little bumper visible when the gun is open for loading and looks like a pencil eraser? I have a 65 and a 6m. Although they are both a joy to shoot, the overall quality of the FWB is much superior. Absolutely…the FWB is a marvelous piece, but the 6M is a very nice plinker and novelty shooter.Welcome to the worlds first, longest running, and most read airgun classified ads. Click on the ad to read the ad full details and see ad pictures.

This page will refresh every 10 minutes. Scammers can get these types of emails addresses for free and will dump the email address once they complete a scam. I ran into these type scammers on Armslist. Vladyslav One Of The Last R. Custom A.

feinwerkbau air pistol

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FX Monsoon. Charles Edit Delete. Timothy spencer David Anderson Herb aad7b:f. BSA Superstar. Robert c Marvin feac5f:f. Matt Note that the pistol has engraved lettering, whereas later models - and all others I've seen - have embossed lettering.

These early models differed from the later versions of the FWB 65 in a number of ways, notably in that they had a small, sprung rearsight, a narrow blued steel trigger, a fixed element front sight, and hand-chequered grips. Also, the first examples had a very short 'tang' or 'spur', above the web of the hand. On later 'early' models this feature was extended a little rearwards, to bring it roughly level with the vertical sight adjuster knob.

See also a comparison of the early and late model 65 here. This is a mid-production 65 with a short tang - the projection of the frame above the web of the hand - and with the earlier pattern narrow fixed rearsight. These short-barreled pistols the barrels were 35mm shorter than usual were sold in small numbers in Europe with both short and long tangs and were imported, apparently in quite large numbers, by Robert Beeman in the USA.

Dr Beeman dubbed them the 'Mark 2' - never a designation used by Feinwerkbau itself, which labelled them the 'Kurz' short or 'Junior' model. A first model 65 chequered 'sporter' grip, fixed front sight, narrow blued trigger, and sprung rear sight with a tapered sleeve barrel weight. A short tang the projection of the frame above the web of the handshort-barrelled model 35mm shorter than usualwhich has a sleeve barrel weight, narrow, static, cam-adjustable notch rear sight and front sight with replaceable elements.

It has an anatomical match grip with adjustable palm shelf fitted although it came originally with sporter grips. A long tang final shape model with no barrel weight and the third-pattern wide rear sight. It has the match grip. Feinwerkbau said in that the production dates of the mod 65 were and that aboutwere made. The change from short to long tang frame is thought to have been made around the 99, mark. The two match grips shown here were made to a slightly different pattern. In the earlier pattern, the thumb rest shelf terminates in a curve whereas in the later pattern, the shelf is horizontal along its length.

After the FWB 80 came in, inFeinwerkbau added a second inner spring inside the mainspring to the mod The mod 65 was based on the design of the sidelever FWB match rifle. The service parts breech seal, piston bumper, trigger safety actuator, steel piston ring were all interchangeable, as were other parts. In these pics, note the two different types of match grip.

Differences include the shape of the thumb rest shelf and the extent of stippling, for instance to include or exclude the adjustable shelf. With thanks to Dave for these pics. According to Feinwerkbau, the serial numbers started at It seems to confirm that the earliest FWB65s made had engraved, rather than embossed, inscriptions.

See the th th? Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read.

Feinwerkbau Modell-65

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feinwerkbau air pistol

Feinwerkbau Air Pis Clear all. Feinwerkbau Modell Last Post. Curator in Chief Admin. This topic was modified 9 months ago 2 times by Citizen K. Topic Tags. Feinwerkbau Modell - Earliest model Using the most modern manufacturing techniques all components for the products are produced in the factory by Feinwerkbau. Only high-quality raw materials are used to produce best quality products for your ultimate performance success. Employees with many years of experience and technical know-how produce pistols made for top performance.

Feinwerkbau - precision for your success! A revolutionary new design form Feinwerkbau with innovative features and highest quality materials to set new standards in compressed air pistols.

feinwerkbau air pistol

New features include a maintenance free pressure reducer and a new design of absorber for optimum accuracy. The new anatomical grip available in 5 sizes can be removed from the pistol without the loss of the set position, adjustments can be made without removing the grip.

The grip can be pivoted 20 degrees and rotated by 9 degrees for optimum control.

Air Pistol Model P11

The new all steel vario trigger shoe can be adjusted 3 dimensionally and up to 4 mm in height, trigger settings can be adjusted without removal of the grip. The dry firing setting provides the same feeling as in the live firing mode. Sighting radius variable between to mm with a new 4. The aluminium barrel sleeve offers reduced weight if desired however there are also 4 moveable 15 gram weights to allow adjustment of the balance point.

Total weight of the new P 8X air pistol grams, overall length mm, delivered in a lockable case with one air cylinder. Due to the short sight radius of only mm mm on model P11 Piccolothe air pistol model P11 offers very stable aiming on target and minor trembles can be easily compensated.

The low total weight of g g on Model P11 Piccolo offers relaxed training and promises more performance in competition. The extremely precise trigger offers various possibilities for adjustment. The universal use of the model P11 is possible due to the beech wood ambidextrous grip, an ideal club gun and at a favourable price!

The P11 can also be supplied with an optional sight extension allowing use of an anatomical right or left handed grip. The AW 93 is a sporting pistol with a convincing performance level combined with high quality finish featuring 3 sizes of quality walnut adjustable grips, fully adjustable rear sight and a range of front sight blade widths and heights.

The pistol features balanced masses with special dampers for smoother shooting performance, the action can be demounted without tools and can be dryfired without snap caps for training. Total weight 1. To Download Price list click here. View all posts by: Forbesws. Feinwerkbau Target Pistols. Feinwerkbau AW 93 Sport Pistol The AW 93 is a sporting pistol with a convincing performance level combined with high quality finish featuring 3 sizes of quality walnut adjustable grips, fully adjustable rear sight and a range of front sight blade widths and heights.

More details at www. Written by Forbesws View all posts by: Forbesws.

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